POWER steamer water softener Water softening system for POWER steamer 2


  • Fast replacement of filter cartridges within seconds – remove, insert, that’s it.
  • Long-lasting filter cartridges.
  • Venting and rinsing directly at the filter head, without disconnecting the tubes (via automated inlet and outlet shut-off valves).
  • Automatic replacement of all seals between the head and cartridge each time a cartridge is replaced.



Reliable water softening and filter system, especially adapted for POWER steamer 2. The system provides optimal protection of the POWER steamer, increasing its efficiency, reliability, and durability.


  • Inexpensive and advanced water softening / filter technology that is usually only available in large expensive systems.
  • Provides the POWER steamer 2 with clean water with reduced calcium content.
  • Easy, compact installation (free-standing or wall-mounted) that can be completed within minutes.
  • Simple operation and monitoring (visual and acoustic signal) via a flow sensor unit with an OLED display.



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