POWER steamer 2


Steam cleaning unit with automatic filling

The new, powerful POWER steamer 2 sets new standards in reliability and durability and impresses with its outstanding cleaning performance. Any kind of typical soiling can be easily and effectively removed. Using the mains water connection and integrated pump, the pressure tank is filled automatically and ensures availability of steam at all times.


  • Particularly durable heating system – the heating element is cast inside the floor of the boiler to protect it against water, limescale, and the chemicals used during cleaning.
  • High functional reliability and dependability thanks to a real-time calcification indicator.
  • Simple cleaning of the pressure tank thanks to an extra-large service opening.



  • Continuous and effective cleaning performance thanks up to 2,000 W and 4.5 bar working pressure in combination with innovative steam nozzle technology.
  • Availability of steam at all times – even during heavy-duty continuous use – thanks to automatic filling using the mains water connection and integrated pump.
  • Optimal control through display of the current working pressure using a manometer.
  • Significant reduction in workload when rinsing, cleaning, and descaling the pressure tank thanks to an effective rinsing program.
  • Safe and convenient steam cleaning thanks to an ergonomic handpiece (the housing safely dissipates electrostatic charge).
  • Easy filling of water and descaling solution thanks to handy, hopper-shaped fillers.
  • Wall mounting possible using an optional wall bracket.




100V, 120V, 230V

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