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Upgrade Your Lab Workflow!

Stay on the cutting edge of CAD/CAM with a partner that can support you and your customers through every step of your workflow. Opulent Digital Specialists carries the best digital dentistry tools, equipment and materials available to ensure that every restoration is perfect.

    Degree of Freedom UHD

    FREEDOM UHD is a world-class premium scanner capable of implementing the most detailed data among all the existing scanners.
    It is a scanner that is optimized to sophisticated prosthetic appliances such as implants and anterior teeth cases.

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    exocad Software

    Make this Award Winning Digital Software part of your workflow today!

    Bundle options and Stand Alone options available

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    VHF E5

    A revolutionary dry mill

    Thanks to the patent-pending AIRTOOL, the E5 doesn’t require compressed air. Instead, the AIRTOOL generates a consistent air flow to keep the unit free from dust and chippings.

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    Nabertherm Sintering Furnace

    The special heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide promise very good protection against chemical interaction between the charge and the furnace components. The bridges and crowns are loaded in ceramic saggars. These high-temperature furnaces are particularly convincing due to their very good price-performance ratio. The furnaces can be individually programmed for all recommended sintering curves by almost all zirconium manufacturers.

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