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Sinter Multilayer Esthetic Zirconia in 20 Minutes!

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    Ceramill Therm DRS

    Together with the Zolid DRS material, the Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace forms the basis for the High-Speed Zirconia Kit and thus for the ultra-fast fabrication of zirconia restorations. The new High-Speed sintering furnace allows the sintering of small zirconia restorations in only 20 minutes. The intuitive operating concept offers the suitable sintering program for every indication and thus significantly increases comfort in everyday routine. Unlike conventional sintering furnaces, this furnace uses a high-performance heating element, which exceeds all expectations in terms of speed, flexibility and energy efficiency. In addition, the High-Speed sintering furnace stands out from the crowd with its slim design and compact construction as well as combining the most important process steps in the fabrication of zirconia restorations in a single machine. The High-Speed Zirconia Kit offers every user an efficient and profitable process extension for the fabrication of zirconia in everyday routines – while at the same time maintaining natural esthetics and maximum safety.

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    Ceramill Therm DRS

    Motion 2 Wet/Dry Milling Unit

    The Ceramill Motion 2 is a benchmark in terms of the range of indications and materials in-house. The 5-axis milling unit combines wet and dry processing in one unit and enables the value-creation chain to be kept virtually completely in-house in the laboratory.

    The Ceramill Motion 2 can be used either as a purely dry or wet unit or in combined operation for an unlimited range of materials and indications.

    Equipped with the innovative control technology and robust machine concept from Amann Girrbach, the Ceramill Motion 2 is guaranteed to be future-proof, economic and precise.

    Motion 2 Wet/Dry Milling Unit

    Ceramill Mind Design Software

    CAD Design has never been so easy. Get sophisticated software that responds to your needs. Modules are easy to add or get the ultimate bundle which includes:

    • Ceramill Mind CAD Software Information Link
    • Ceramill Mind CAD Speed Crown Video Link
    • Ceramill Mind CAD Software Video Link
    • Ceramill M-Plant (Implant Design) Information Link
    • Ceramill M-Plant Video Link
    • Ceramill Reax (Reliable All on X Bridges) Video Link
    • Ceramill M-Smile (Smile Design) Information & Video Link
    • Ceramill M-Gin (All on X Tissue Design) Information & Video Link
    • Ceramill Mindforms 2.0 with Cutback Extension (All on X Design Option) Information Link
    • Ceramill M-Bars (Bars) Information Link 
    • Ceramill M-Splint (Bite Splints) Information Link 
    • Ceramill D-Flow (Full Dentures) Information & Video Link
    • Ceramill M-Part (Partial Denture Framework) Information Link
    • Ceramill M-Part Video Link
    • Ceramill Artex (Virtual Articulator) Information Link
    • Ceramill Artex (Virtual Articulator) Video Link
    • Ceramill Mind TruSmile (Natural Color) Information Link
    • Ceramill Microshell (Provisionals) Information Link
    • Ceramill M-Build (Model Creator) Information Link
    • Ceramill Dicom Viewer Information Link
    • Ceramill M-Pass (Jaw Motion Import) Information Link

    The Ceramill Mind design software, developed by Amann Girrbach in close collaboration with dental technicians, meets all Ceramill Mind has been seamlessly integrated in the system architecture of the Ceramill system and is characterised by easy handling, process reliability and precision.

    Medit Intraoral Scanner

    Scanning Reimagined

    Medit has been at the forefront of realizing the easy entry into digital dentistry.

    Our innovation will improve your patient’s experience.

    How can we develop the product beyond the imagination of users?

    Start today with the Medit family and Unleash your clinic’s potential.

    Medit Intraoral Scanner


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