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Sonic XL 4K PLUS LCD 3D Printer

Build a seamless dental 3D printing workflow,
so you can concentrate on what truly matters
— delivering exceptional patient care.

Complete Set-Up Only $3995!

Sonic XL 4K 2022 offers high productivity and efficiency in digital dentistry. It has a workhorse output capable of printing 6 to 8 full-arch models in ±35 minutes. In addition, the Sonic XL 4K 2022 also comes bundled with the Phrozen Dental Synergy (DS) Slicer to further simplify your 3D printing workflow.

• High volume output
• 52 micron XY resolution
• Built-in heater and air purifier
• Wide materials compatibility with validated resin settings

Wash and Cure Units Included!


Resin Validations and Indications

Resins: Open and Validated

  • Open to 3rd Party Resins
  • Phrozen Dental Resins Available
  • Third-Party Validated Resins–  Keyprint, Nextdent, Saremco, Dreve, Detax, Dentona, PAC-DENT, Enlighten, Phrozen


    • Crown and Bridge Model with removable dies – 6-8 Models ± 35 mins
    • Gingiva Masks 20-40 gingiva/print ± 40 
    • Clear Aligner Models – 6-8 models/print ± 35 mins 
    • Dental Study Models – 6-8 models/print ± 25 mins
    • Surgical Guides – 8-12 guides/print ± 1 hr 
    • Denture Base – 3-4 dentures/print – ± 1hr 20 mins
    • Bite Splint and Night Guard – 4-6 splint/print ± 1 hr
    • Permanent/temp Crown and Bridge -50-150 ± 30 mins


Phrozen Dental Synergy (DS) Slicer

Dental Synergy Slicer: Prepping a 3D printing file can be complicated and time-consuming. Equipped with Phrozen original 3D printing software specifically designed for professional dentistry. It automates most of the process, making it much quicker, more accurate, and less stressful.

Each Printer comes bundled with the Phrozen Dental Synergy (DS) Slicer, Sonic XL 4K PLUS automates most of the file-prepping process and further simplifies in-clinic 3D printing workflow.

Phrozen Cure

With its space-saving build, you can easily place Phrozen’s Post-Curing UV Lamp inside your dental clinic or lab. This compact device provides fast curing by using 365nm, 385nm, 405nm UV-LEDs, and uses plates that rotate 360 degrees to cure all your dental indications evenly.
• 360 Degree All-Around Curing
• Fast Curing
• Wide materials compatibility




Ultra-Sonic Cleaner

It offers a powerful 100-watt heat control system, ensuring a spotless cleanup for every 3D-printed dental indication you print. The device also comes with an adjustable digital timer, allowing you to easily customize the cleaning duration based on your dental resin requirement.

• Spotless and efficient cleanup
• Heating Control System (100W). Controlling range: 20 – 80 degrees C
• A double fuse power system for safety precaution

Opulent Desk Support Add-On

With an Opulent Desk Support Add-On You Receive:

  • Installation Assistance
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support

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