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Revolutionize Your Workflow

with Our High-Quality Dental Milling Options

Medit Intraoral Scanner

Medit has been at the forefront of realizing the easy entry into digital dentistry. Our innovation will improve your patient’s experience. How can we develop the product beyond the imagination of users?

Start today with the Medit family and Unleash your clinic’s potential.

Amann Girrbach Ceramill Motion 3

The Ceramill Motion 3 is the game changer in in-house production: The most intelligent hybrid machine in the world combines excellent production quality and a maximum variety of materials and indications with a consistent digital workflow. With the Ceramill Motion 3, Amann Girrbach is finally ringing in the digital age in dental technology. At the same time, the 5-axis milling unit sets new standards in terms of convenience, process reliability, and time and resource efficiency. With the Ceramill Motion 3, users can concentrate fully on their core business again and, thanks to the smart analysis functions, automatically analyze and optimize work processes.

Ceramill Therm DRS High Speed Sintering Furnace

Together with the Zolid DRS material, the Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace forms the basis for the High-Speed Zirconia Kit and thus for the ultra-fast fabrication of zirconia restorations. The new High-Speed sintering furnace allows the sintering of small zirconia restorations in only 20 minutes. The High-Speed Zirconia Kit offers every user an efficient and profitable process extension for the fabrication of zirconia in everyday routines – while at the same time maintaining natural esthetics and maximum safety.

Vita Porcelain Furnace with Pump

  • A firing muffle with maximum durability (“Made in Germany”) and reliable electronics for consistently excellent firing results.
  • Automatic prevention of condensation in the firing chamber (VITA AntiCon)
  • Automatic temperature adjustment to +/-1 °C every time a program is started (VITA AutoAdjust)
  • An automatic cleaning function (VITA SpecialClean)
  • Operate up to four furnaces using just a single VITA vPad excellence control unit
  • Use the VITA MultiPump to supply up to four furnaces with just a single vacuum pump – a simply unique system
  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 70 % with VITA Energy Efficiency integrated working instructions
  • Automatic service cycle monitoring
  • Intelligent menu navigation

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