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More flexibility: The D20+ offers a flexible and certified 3D printing solution for laboratories through its open material system with validated workflows. The printer is not only characterized by first-class quality, but also by a large printing area and short production times. The optional high-speed Force Feedback technology further reduces your printing times to a minimum.

Tailor-made for Small Labs.

Performance Parameters D20+
Build volume (L x W x H) 133 x 75 x 115 mm
Native pixel +/– 34 μm
Wavelength 385 nm
Resolution Full HD
Dimension (W x D x H) 335 x 349 x 541 mm
Connections Ethernet, WLAN, USB
Control 7“ touchscreen
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The powerful D30+ has set new standards in quality and productivity for some time. Thanks to the integrated, patented Automatic Separation Module, your printed parts will be separated automatically from the build platform after the printing process will have finished. After it, the parts will be collected in a collection basket. The next print job will start immediately, without manual intervention. Fast and semi-automated.

Includes Automatic Seperation Module (ASM).

Performance Parameters D30+
Build volume (L x W x H) 133 x 75 x 155 mm
133 x 75 x 70 mm (ASM active)
Native pixel +/– 34 μm
Wavelength 385 nm
Temperature Regulated up to 35° C
Resolution Full HD
Dimension (W x D x H) 480 x 690 x 410 mm
Connections Ethernet, WLAN, USB
Control 10“ touchscreen
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RS wash

The RS wash automatic cleaning system excels thanks to its simple operation and processcontrolled connection to your printer, for professional and validated post-processing of your printed parts. Thanks to automatic selection of the appropriate cleaning program and cleaning medium, cleaning the printed parts is not only process-safe and simple, but also environmentally friendly principle with pre-cleaning and final cleaning. (patent pending)

Cleaning and post exposure with validated parameters to exclude the risk of incorrect processing.

Performance Parameters RS wash
Cleaning Chamber Volume (L x W x H) 119 x 160 x 99 mm
Cleaning time approx 6–8 minutes (depending on material)
Cleaning medium Isopropanol, ethanol
Connections WiFi/LAN
Dimension (W x D x H) 235 x 464 x 270 mm (w/o Iso Container)
344 x 464 x 309 mm (w/ Iso Container)
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RS cure

The RS cure automatic exposure system cures your printed parts homogeneously from all sides thanks to powerful LEDs. The integrated vacuum technology enables excellent curing of the materials. Thus, the materials can be processed validated by many material manufacturers. The process-controlled connection to your printer ensures that the correct program is always automatically selected and that the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of the end product are achieved. The pre-settings are tested and validated in close cooperation with the material partners to ensure process reliability.

Cleaning and post exposure with validated parameters to exclude the risk of incorrect processing.

Performance Parameters RS wash
Curing Chamber Volume (L x W x H) 179 x 117 x 102 mm
Curing time approx 6–10 minutes (depending on material)
Connections WiFi/LAN
Dimension (W x D x H) 243 x 419 x 269 mm
Version with vacuum
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“As a general dentist doing my own lab work, Opulent has always treated me with respect. This is rare since most lab vendors are not friendly. Besides above and beyond customer service, their deep knowledge of hardware and software eases the stress of breaking into this industry. If you want honest and decent people, go with Opulent”

Testimonial - Ilya Benjamin DMD

“Speechless. The service I have received has been of total professional excellence. I appreciate Opulent’s services. Thank you always . Today my Sunny Dental Art lab offers all the digital products that are on the market thanks to the ease of financing that Opulent helped me achieve. Always grateful and from my own experience I can say that they are the best. Thank you”.

Sunny Dental Arts Studio

Testimonial - Sonia Taveras

“During the course of my career I always wanted an in house lab. I was following the dental professions top Dentists and realized many of them were fabricating the patients restorations on the premises. At some point we came across Opulent which deals mainly with high end lab technologies and software. We acquired all of the equipment necessary to create precise crowns, hybrids and dentures.

The personalized and professional service were unsurpassed. The tech support was absolutely amazing and they were always there for us when we needed them most. By far one of the best investments made over my 30 plus years in Dentistry. Having our in-house lab has dramatically cut costs and provides extremely fast service for our patients. If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level this is the place to call.”

Testimonial - Sasha Winderbaum DDS

“Thank you for the tech support help you have given me. You are easy to reach and knowledgeable. You have bailed me out of trouble many times. You are an asset to me”

Functional Esthetics Inc.

Testimonial - Brian Anderson

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