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    Ceramill Motion 3

    Amann Girrbach Ceramill Motion 3

    The Ceramill Motion 3 is the game changer in in-house production: The most intelligent hybrid machine in the world combines excellent production quality and a maximum variety of materials and indications with a consistent digital workflow. With the Ceramill Motion 3, Amann Girrbach is finally ringing in the digital age in dental technology. At the same time, the 5-axis milling unit sets new standards in terms of convenience, process reliability, and time and resource efficiency. With the Ceramill Motion 3, users can concentrate fully on their core business again and, thanks to the smart analysis functions, automatically analyze and optimize work processes.

    Remote Job Management

    The wide range of functions of the Ceramill Motion 3 is not only available at the touch of a button via the new human-machine interface (HMI) on the machine. Smart Device allows you to access the world’s smartest 5-axis hybrid machine anytime, anywhere – regardless of whether you are in the laboratory or at home and without any compromises in restoration quality.

    • Job Management
    • Ordering of Consumables
    • Calibration of the Machine

    Guided CAD/CAM production and maintenance

    CAD/CAM production and maintenance have never been easier. The Ceramill Motion 3 combines maximum user-friendliness and process reliability due to HMI and RFID technology. With an intuitive interface and sophisticated tracking technology, the machine guides you intelligently through the processes. This allows you focus on essential things and saves time, money and nerves.

    Analytics in Motion

    Owing to the integrated analysis functions via AG.Live, you are able to continuously optimize capacity and resource management and fully gear the use of the Ceramill Motion 3 to efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

    Excellence in quality and diversity

    Never has a single machine offered so much motion! The Ceramill Motion 3 is ready for any indication and enables fully automated dental arch restorations of the highest quality due to innovative carving and sculpturing technology (C-Clamp) in the accustomed Motion q

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    Request a Quote Now!

    Match the Best In-House Equipment to the Best Support.

    No payments for six months