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Imes Icore


Highest-quality digital CAD/CAM production systems Made in Germany

    CORiTEC 150i Series

    Number One Choice For Space Saving, Simplicity, Versatility and Efficiency

    • Novel, closed mono-block cast body for highest stability and precision
    • NoexternalPCrequired
    • Half-openblankholder”C-Clamp”(optional)
    • Ionizerinclusive
    • Highprecisionduetointegratedtemperaturecompensation
    • Wet and dry machining possible
    • Minimum external compressed air, only 3 bar required
    • Shortamortizationperiod
    • Minimalfootprint
    • Auto-calibration
    • Automatedcleaningfunction
    • Metalprocessing*
    • Turn-milling-grinding-processingpossibl

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    CORiTEC 250i Series

    Number One Choice For Automation and Power Performance

    • 7-fold blank changer
    • 16-fold tool changer
    • Blank and tool magazine exchangeable
    • Wet and dry machining possible
    • Control PC with touchscreen integrated
    •  2-fold integrated ionizer
    • Processing of prefabricated abutments
    • High precision due to integrated temperature compensation
    • High-frequency spindle
    • Minimal footprint
    • Auto calibration
    • Automated cleaning function
    • Metal processing

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    CORiTEC 350i Series

    Number One Choice for High Performance, Metal Processing and Aligner Processing

    • Integrated wet and dry processing
    • Integrated temperature compensation
    • Absolute measuring system in all axes
    • 50% faster roughing
    • Optimized for the highest surface quality and precision
    • Suitable for 24-hour production operation
    • Integrated zero point clamping system
    • Automatic tool shaft cleaning during tool changing
    • CORiTEC 350i Loader PRO+ with 12-fold blank changer

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