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CORiTEC 250i Loader Pro


Highest-quality digital CAD/CAM production systems Made in Germany


    • Novel, closed mono-block cast body for stability and precision
    • 7-fold blank changer
    • 16-fold tool changer
    • Blank and tool magazine exchangeable
    • Wet and dry machining possible
    • Control PC with touchscreen integrated
    • 2-fold integrated ionizer
    • Processing of prefabricated abutments
    • High precision due to integrated temperature compensation
    • High-frequency spindle
    • Minimal footprint
    • Auto calibration
    • Automated cleaning function
    • Metal Processing

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    • Zirconia
    • Pre-milled Abutment (Ti)
    • Pre-milled Abutment (CoCr)
    • Cobalt-chrome*
    • Glass ceramic
    • Lithium disilicate
    • Hybrid ceramic
    • Sintered metal
    • Composite
    • PEEK
    • PMMA
    • Wax


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    Automated 7-Fold Blank Changer

    The fully automated 7-fold blank changer makes it possible to process multiple restorations successively without any delay. At the same time the system processes every restoration with the maximum precision. Thanks to the modular design of the blank changer it is also possible, to change the blank magazine with another new magazine easily.

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    Maximizing Performance

    The CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO is the perfect system for every dental technician who wants to work more independent. To support the idea of flexible working even more, the system comes with an integrated and fullyautomated 16-fold tool changer. This feature saves a lot of time and grants the operator a maximum of flexibility. Just like the blank changer, the tool changer was also built modular. That means that it can also be easily and quickly exchanged with another tool magazine.



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    High Frequency Spindle

    Thanks to a power of 750 watt and up to 100.000 rpm, the high-frequency spindle offers the best ratio of performance, speed and precision. A quality which can be felt with every restoration. No matter which material will be used, the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO processes every restoration with the fastest speed and highest precision. Zirconium dioxide and plastics can be easily milled as well as the grinding of glass ceramics and prefabricated abutments of metal are possible. This system guarantees the operator a maximum of flexibility and automation for the main used dental materials.

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