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Enjoy Trimming

With the E3

The new E3 enables you to automate the precision trimming of occlusal appliances. You can expect the very best results in the shortest time with no arduous reworking. The machined fabrication also ensures a consistently high quality.

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Automate Your Workflow

The E3 is simple to commission and operate, and fits seamlessly into your workflows. Our in-house developed TRIMCAM soft-ware automatically recognizes the trimline on which the occlusal appliance is milled out from the available planning data. So, you’ll get started right away.

True to the motto: unpack, connect, start milling!

Saves Time and Work.

Benefit from the machining of aligners in under 60 seconds. This saves you a lot of time compared to manual pro – duction – and on top of that you gain the high precision of CNC production.

The tool-free clamping system further simplifies your work processes. This quick workpiece change enables you to produce entire series of aligners quickly and easily


Be one of the first to advance your business with the VHF E3. Our team is ready to help you assimilate it into a new or existing CAD/CAM workflow, so request a quote and talk with our team today!