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Amann Girrbach

Utilize the Leading Name in Digital Dentistry

Amann Girrbach has been at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology for the last decade, and that experience has led to huge developments throughout the industry. Bring that expertise in-house with a user-friendly and self-optimizing Cermaill workflow.

    Ceramill Map 600

    The new Ceramill Map 600 high-performance scanner from the DNA generation offers intelligence, efficiency and maximum precision. The scanner features an integrated universal carrier plate for all common types of articulator, which saves time-consuming plate changes. Due to Splitex integration, all the accessory components of the Map portfolio can be used. The intelligent scan height control automatically moves the object to be scanned into the best possible scan area, thus offering the user increased process reliability, maximum convenience and protection against incorrect use. The new drive technology with an automatic Z-axis ensures ultra-precise and fast travel movement. The highly sensitive industrial 3D sensor with Blue Light technology ensures outstanding depth of field and a scanning accuracy of 4μm.

    Ceramill Mind

    Design Software created to be intuitive, accurate and versatile. Simple enough for beginners but with all of the bells and whistles required by an expert. Innovate your restorations.

    Ceramill DNA Motion 3

    The Ceramill Motion 3 is the game changer in in-house production: The most intelligent hybrid machine in the world combines excellent production quality and a maximum variety of materials and indications with a consistent digital workflow. With the Ceramill Motion 3, users can concentrate fully on their core business again and, thanks to the smart analysis functions, automatically analyze and optimize work processes.

    Ceramill DNA Motion 2

    Open and Integrated. Open to almost all design software and integrated seamlessly with Ceramill Mind and the Ceramill Therm 3 Sintering Oven. When launched in 2012, the Ceramill Motion 2 5-axis milling unit redefined the industry standard in terms of technical capabilities, fabrication diversity and quality. As one of the first milling machines that could be used for both dry and wet fabrication, the Ceramill Motion 2 has always advanced in line with the requirements of its users.

    Ceramill Matik Production Unit

    Ceramill Matik opens up a still unique segment within the digital dental world. As the first full service unit, it combines three machines in one. Apart from the actual processing station, the system also performs the functions of a fully automated stock management system as well as a machine cleaning device.

    Nabertherm Sintering Furnace

    The special heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide promise very good protection against chemical interaction between the charge and the furnace components. The bridges and crowns are loaded in ceramic saggars. These high-temperature furnaces are particularly convincing due to their very good price-performance ratio. The furnaces can be individually programmed for all recommended sintering curves by almost all zirconium manufacturers.

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