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Zolid Zirconia

Zolid Gen-X

Zolid Gen-X puts an end to the time-consuming search for the right blank for the popular restoration, quite simply because the latest blanks of the Zolid DNA generation are true all-rounders!

Zolid Gen-X combines all the advantages of the Zolid HT+ product group: the excellent esthetic properties and outstanding mechanical values allow exceeding any indication limitations.

In addition, Gen-X possesses a natural color gradient that takes the blank to a new level in terms of efficiency and esthetics.

Zolid Gen-X

Zolid Multi-Layer FX

Zolid FX Multilayer is a polychromatic, super high translucent zirconia with integrated shade and translucency gradient. Smooth shade transitions simulate tooth enamel, dentin and cervical shades in a naturally fluent progression without disruptive shade edges.

The tooth-like preshading allows efficient, economical processing without the staining procedure. Restorations can be further customized after sintering to achieve more esthetic results using stains and glazing porcelains of the Ceramill Stain & Glaze kit.

Zolid Multi-Layer FX

Zolid HT+

Zolid FX White, these are super high translucent zirconia blanks used for monolithic or anatomically reduced anterior restorations and up to 3-unit bridges in the molar region. The high-performance ceramic combines the outstanding processing characteristics of zirconia with comparable translucency previously only known in lithium disilicate. The result is highly esthetic restorations with permanent strength and stability. Restorations are processed and fitted intraorally without additional cost using commercially available luting material.


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