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    Ceramill Motion 3

    Amann Girrbach Ceramill Motion 3
    The Ceramill Motion 3 is the game changer in in-house production: The most intelligent hybrid machine in the world combines excellent production quality and a maximum variety of materials and indications with a consistent digital workflow. With the Ceramill Motion 3, Amann Girrbach is finally ringing in the digital age in dental technology. At the same time, the 5-axis milling unit sets new standards in terms of convenience, process reliability, and time and resource efficiency. With the Ceramill Motion 3, users can concentrate fully on their core business again and, thanks to the smart analysis functions, automatically analyze and optimize work processes.

    Ceramill Motion 3

    Remote Job Management

    The wide range of functions of the Ceramill Motion 3 is not only available at the touch of a button via the new human-machine interface (HMI) on the machine. Smart Device allows you to access the world’s smartest 5-axis hybrid machine anytime, anywhere – regardless of whether you are in the laboratory or at home and without any compromises in restoration quality.

    • Job Management
    • Ordering of Consumables
    • Calibration of the Machine
    Remote Job Management

    Guided CAD/CAM production and maintenance

    CAD/CAM production and maintenance have never been easier. The Ceramill Motion 3 combines maximum user-friendliness and process reliability due to HMI and RFID technology. With an intuitive interface and sophisticated tracking technology, the machine guides you intelligently through the processes. This allows you focus on essential things and saves time, money and nerves.

    Analytics in Motion

    Owing to the integrated analysis functions via AG.Live, you are able to continuously optimize capacity and resource management and fully gear the use of the Ceramill Motion 3 to efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

    Excellence in quality and diversity

    Never has a single machine offered so much motion! The Ceramill Motion 3 is ready for any indication and enables fully automated dental arch restorations of the highest quality due to innovative carving and sculpturing technology (C-Clamp) in the accustomed Motion q

    Testimonial - Ilya Benjamin DMD

    “As a general dentist doing my own lab work, Opulent has always treated me with respect. This is rare since most lab vendors are not friendly. Besides above and beyond customer service, their deep knowledge of hardware and software eases the stress of breaking into this industry. If you want honest and decent people, go with Opulent”

    Testimonial - Ilya Benjamin DMD

    Testimonial - Sonia Taveras

    “Speechless. The service I have received has been of total professional excellence. I appreciate Opulent’s services. Thank you always . Today my Sunny Dental Art lab offers all the digital products that are on the market thanks to the ease of financing that Opulent helped me achieve. Always grateful and from my own experience I can say that they are the best. Thank you”.

    Sunny Dental Arts Studio

    Testimonial - Sonia Taveras

    Testimonial - Sasha Winderbaum DDS

    “During the course of my career I always wanted an in house lab. I was following the dental professions top Dentists and realized many of them were fabricating the patients restorations on the premises. At some point we came across Opulent which deals mainly with high end lab technologies and software. We acquired all of the equipment necessary to create precise crowns, hybrids and dentures.

    The personalized and professional service were unsurpassed. The tech support was absolutely amazing and they were always there for us when we needed them most. By far one of the best investments made over my 30 plus years in Dentistry. Having our in-house lab has dramatically cut costs and provides extremely fast service for our patients. If you’re looking to take your practice to the next level this is the place to call.”

    Testimonial - Sasha Winderbaum DDS

    Testimonial - Brian Anderson

    “Thank you for the tech support help you have given me. You are easy to reach and knowledgeable. You have bailed me out of trouble many times. You are an asset to me”

    Functional Esthetics Inc.

    Testimonial - Brian Anderson


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