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    Matik Production Unit

    Amann Girrbach Matik Production System

    • Product Capabilities; Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Glass Ceramics, E.max, Titanium Abutment, Titanium, Chrome Colbalt, Dentures, Partial Denture Framework and Sintron
    • Single Units to Full Arch Bridges, Hybrid Implants, All on X, Provisionals, Bite Splints and more 
    • .3mm to 2.5mm Burs for Zirconia 
    • .4mm Finishing Bur for Glass Ceramics and E/max
    • 26 Bur Holder
    • Ivoclar Certified for E.max (E.max Reduced cost through Ivoclar) 
    • 5-Axis
    • Gear Driven 100,000 RPM Spindle
    • 98mm (Standard) and 71mm (European) Holders 
    • Zirconia 9-15 Minutes per Unit 
    • E.max and Glass Ceramics 9-20 minute per unit
    • Suction Included 
    • Up to 36 arms
    • Remote Operation Capability 

    Full Amann Girrbach Digital Show Presentation Link

    Matik Production Unit

    None-Production Vs. True Production

    What does it mean to truly be a Production Unit? It’s having 36 arms so that your machine is able to switch between materials and shades while you’re out of the lab… It’s having a 26 Bur Holder with self changing and sensing technology… It means the ability to clean itself so that you can know your unit is running at full capacity even when you’re gone…

    What does a Production Unit Do For You? It runs 24 hours making over 75 restorations as opposed to 25 in an eight hour work day. It helps you produce the premium restorations you’re known for in a timely manner. It helps you to work smarter not harder.

    None-Production Vs. True Production


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