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Harvest PMMA Materials

TriLor Materals

TriLor®, developed by Bioloren®, is a techno-polymer that is composed and strengthened by a multi-directional fiberglass matrix, offering high strength and natural load distribution.

Boasting enormous strength while offering natural flex and load parameters, TriLor® is a fiber reinforced composite material for All-on X implant supported bars and super structures.

Resembling the characteristics of human bone, TriLor® endorses bio-mimetic dentistry with a definitive, metal-free implant bar solution that is esthetic, comfortable, lightweight and durable.

TriLor Materals

Bitesplint Polymer

Medical polymer for Premium Bite Splints and Surgical Guides.

Create strong, stable and precisely customized surgical templates for fully guided implant surgery or guided pilot drilling.

Bite Splints and nightguards milled in Poly Splint are extremely durable, optically transparent, and offer a high-level of patient comfort.

Bitesplint Polymer

Temp Fix Provisional Material

A technical polymer existing to create beautiful and strong temporary restorations. Strong as an ox, polishes amazing and the shades are bang on.

Use Temp Fix for for screw retained temporary crowns, bridges and hybrid abutment crowns, and full arch prosthetics.

For high esthetics, especially in the anterior region, simply cut back the incisal/ occlusal third and apply light curing laboratory composite. Lightly texture, polish, and you’re done.

Temp Multilayer Material

Composed in 13 layers of natural gradients, Temp Esthetic offers a natural and harmonious journey through cervical to incisal for beautiful and natural looking teeth.

As strong as a ‘premium denture tooth,’ Temp Esthetic is a double cross link (DCL) polymer. Making it the ideal solution for esthetic, screw retained restorations on implants.

Temp Multilayer Material


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