Waxprofi Wax warmer



Your individual skill is required to give a denture freshness and vitality. Our Waxprofi is required to implement this efficiently. Experience how easy setting-up has become.


  • 50% saving in time due to the preheating function.
  • Individual setting of the wax consistency (from creamy to fluid) using infinitely variable temperature setting of 40–110° C (104–230° F).
  • Work without continually refilling due to a large volume pot (110 ml / 3.72 fl.oz.).


  • Ergonomic height ensures easy uptake of wax portions.
  • Clean handling due to functional pot design.
  • Integrated lid protects the wax.
  • Suitable for the use of light-curing waxes.





220-240 V, 100-120 V

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