Effect liquids for individual characterization of restorations made of VITA YZ HT White, VITA YZ ST White and VITA YZ XT White after using VITA YZ SHADE LIQUIDS. Available in 11 shades.

Incisal and cusp areas can be individualized using Blue and Grey. Orange and Brown can be used for preparing fissures, or in the interproximal or crown margins.
Enhanced shade adjustment of transitions towards the gingiva is possible with the three shades: Light Pink, Pink and Dark Pink.


Quantity Content Material
3 20 ml VITA YZ EFFECT LIQUID Pink, Light Pink, Dark Pink
2 20 ml VITA YZ EFFECT LIQUID Grey, Blue
2 20 ml VITA YZ EFFECT LIQUID Orange, Brown
4 20 ml VITA YZ EFFECT LIQUID Chroma A, Chroma B, Chroma C, Chroma D
1 10 ml VITA YZ EFFECT LIQUID Indicator
1 50 ml VITA YZ EFFECT LIQUID Stabilizer
2 Brush (size 2 and 4) VITA YZ BRUSH SET



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