TriLor Techno-Polymer Framework By Harvest


98×20 TriLor Techno-Polymer Framework

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Boasting enormous strength while offering natural flex and load parameters, TriLor® is a fiber reinforced composite material for All-on X implant supported bars and super structures.
Resembling the characteristics of human bone, TriLor® endorses bio-mimetic dentistry with a definitive, metal-free implant bar solution that is esthetic, comfortable, lightweight and durable.
With a variety of esthetic options to choose from, confident overlay with Zirconia, Emax®, Crystal Ultra®, Composites and Acrylics. TriLor® loves them all.


TriLor®, developed by Bioloren®, is a techno-polymer that is composed and strengthened by a multi-directional fiberglass matrix, offering high strength and natural load distribution.


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