SIMPLEX 3D filament printer with Wifi



SIMPLEX is the easy way to a printed orthodontic model. The dental-specific SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system is a complete solution that comprises everything you need: a modern printer, smart modeling software, dental-specific slicer software and various special filaments. Low investment costs as well as low printing and material costs ensure high efficiency. This allows you to print orthodontic models easily, safely, and in a way that is healthy and environmentally friendly. This space-saving system can be easily integrated into the daily routine of an orthodontic office and is ideal for pushing forward the digitalization of orthodontics.


  • Easy access to the digital production of orthodontic models, even without prior digital knowledge.
  • Smooth process flow from intraoral scan to orthodontic model without post-processing (no need for post-processing with chemicals or in the light curing unit).
  • Intuitive operation thanks to pre-installed parameters and dental-specific software.


  • No harmful vapors during printing process.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly 3D printing.
  • Pleasant working environment with a low level of noise (≤ 49 dB).
  • Safety thanks to a closed build chamber, lockable door, and removable cover.
  • Dental-specific CE-compliant 3D filament printer system consisting of SIMPLEX (filament printer), SIMPLEX sliceware (slicer software) and SIMPLEX filaments (material).
  • Compact device size for flexible and individual set-up options, even where space is limited.
  • Quick and reliable, qualified service and support from worldwide locations.

Scope of delivery:
SIMPLEX 3D filament printer incl. SIMPLEX sliceware, SIMPLEX print, filament sensor, building chamber cover with fan, lockable Plexiglas door with lock and key, SIMPLEX study model filament, USB stick, filament roll holder, Bowden system (filament guiding tube), service set, mains cable with protective plug, travel adapter, USB A-B cable, distance card, operating instructions

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