Sagemax NexxZr S


NexxZr S is a zirconium oxide with optimum opacity and high flexural strength for the layering technique.




NexxZr S is a dental zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP) with very high flexural strength (1370 MPa) for the fabrication of single tooth up to multi-unit bridge frameworks. The high opacity value (30% translucency) provides optimum optical properties for discolored stumps and metal posts and cores. The special production procedure for the discs improves the milling properties and results in excellent accuracy of fit and high edge stability.


Dimensions 3.81 × 15.24 × 13.97 cm

98x10mm, 98x12mm, 98x14mm, 98x16mm, 98x18mm, 98x20mm, 98x22mm, 98x25mm




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