Safety burner eco



The eco safety burner is a single tube safety burner for use with liquid gas and natural gas E.


  • High degree of safety due to automatic shut-off of the gas supply if the flame is extinguished unintentionally.
  • Quick cleaning of the easily detachable collector tray.
  • Tested quality and safety thanks to the DVGW type-examination certificate according to DIN 30665–1.

Safety burner eco, Liquid gas


Liquid gas Connection hose (norm): DIN 30664 Supply pressure: 50 mbar (0.725 psi) Consumption: 50 g/h (1.76 oz/h)


Safety burner eco, Natural gas E


Natural gas E Connection hose (norm): DIN 30664 Supply pressure: 20 mbar Consumption: 48 l/h (1.7 ft³/h)




Liquid gas, Natural gas E

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