Renfert Polish Diamond polishing pastes



Diamond polishing pastes for universal application and specific use, for high-gloss polishing of ceramic materials such as lithium disilicate, zirconium oxide, veneering ceramics, of hybrid materials as well as high performance polymers.


  • Easy high-gloss result with a great shine and at the same time low material consumption.
  • High gloss finish is achieved quickly especially in difficult to reach occlusal areas.
  • Smear-free and clean polishing due to a balanced ratio of binder.

Renfert Polish hybrid materials


Diamond polishing paste specifically for high-gloss polishing of hybrid materials, for extra-oral use. Optimal polishing result thanks to diamond particles in the polishing paste that are specially matched to hybrid materials. Reduced plaque build-up and longer service life of the tooth restorations thanks to optimal surface finish.

Renfert Polish LiSi2


Extra-oral polishing paste specifically designed for lithium disilicate with a precise amount of coarse diamond grit.

Renfert Polish ZrO2


Extra-oral polishing paste for zirconium dioxide with specially coordinated abrasive properties due to extra coarse diamond grit.

Renfert Polish all-in-one


Universal polishing paste with a wide spectrum of diamond grain sizes, for extra-oral use. Quick, high-gloss finish on various materials such as lithium disilicate, zirconium dioxide, veneering ceramics and high performance polymers.




hybrid materials, LiSi2, Zr02, all-in-one


13 g, 18 g

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