RE-GEN Universal Refill Kit



• (1) 4mL bottle

RE-GEN™ Universal Adhesive provides consistent results, exceptional bonding and virtual elimination of post-operative sensitivity in a single system.

RE-GEN™ is the first line of bioactive products to employ Bioglass as an active ingredient. Bioglass is backed by 50+ years of medical use, and is supported by scientific research and countless clinical studies. Studies have shown Bioglass to form a hydroxyapatite-like surface which promotes the regeneration of healthy tooth structure.

Bioglass is also osteoinductive, i.e., it is able to stimulate bone cells towards a path of regeneration and self-repair, thus significantly accelerating tissue healing kinetics*. In vivo studies have shown that bioactive glasses bond with bone more rapidly than other bioceramics, and in vitro studies indicate that their osteogenic properties are due to their dissolution products stimulating osteoprogenitor cells at the genetic level*. Crystallization of the bone-like matrix and maturation of the bone cells are what lead to new bone formation.

Additionally, Bioglass releases alkaline species, which significantly increase the environment’s pH and provide broad antimicrobial effects*. These antimicrobial properties promote healing and prevention of caries.

Add Bioactivity to any of your trusted composites:

  • Targeted Bioactivity – Ionic release at the resin-dentin interface
  • Osteogenic – Stimulates regeneration of hydroxyapatite
  • Antimicrobial – Alkaline pH aids in the prevention of secondary caries
  • Biocompatible-  BPA-Free, patient friendly non-toxic compatibility

Use with RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite Liner for superior bioactive results



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