Rapid Shape D30+ 3D Printer


The powerful D30+ has set new standards in quality and productivity for some time. Thanks to the integrated, patented Automatic Separation Module, your printed parts will be separated automatically from the build platform after the printing process will have finished. After it, the parts will be collected in a collection basket. The next print job will start immediately, without manual intervention. Fast and semi-automated.




Printing dental parts such as surgical guides, splints, brackets, crowns, dentures in labs becomes easy with the D30+ 3D printer.

Remote access and the Automatic Separation Module (ASM) allow you to produce multiple print jobs in a self-determined sequence one after the other (Job Queues) without having to remove the build platform from the printer and detach der print jobs. In conjunction with the open system for different printing materials, the D30+ offers more flexibility in the printing process.

With the included knowledge center access, you can help yourself with FAQ, media and data information for questions regarding your 3D printer.

If this is not enough, a worldwide service team is at your disposal. The material identification function (RFID) allows easy access to material information of validated materials via a sensor, ensuring compliance with medical guidelines. Printing with consistently high print quality and the realization of thinner support structures becomes possible by our integrated patented Force Feedback Technology. It measures the forces acting on the component for improving efficiency of the workflow and shortening delivery time. The installed resin temperature control provides you with additional reliability for fast and quality 3D printing.


Dimensions 42.6 × 48.9 × 97.1 cm

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