PinkWave Disposable Barrier Sleeves



• (100) Disposable Barriers

PinkWaveTM was distinctly designed to enhance the efficacy of curing procedures, equipped with Vista Apex’s patented QuadWaveTM Technology which leverages four different wavelengths to ensure peak performance. Along with the standard blue light, PinkWaveTM also employs red, near infrared (NIR) and UV light, which make up the only pink curing light on the market. This innovative approach to curing has never been achieved before and results in both doctor and patient benefits.

Offering decreased composite shrinkage and increased depth of cure. With the largest curing light area on the market, PinkWave™ ensures maximum coverage. QuadWave™ Technology leverages four wavelengths into one collimated pink beam: UV, Blue, Red, and Near-infrared.

  • Built in Transilluminator
  • 3 curing modes — Boost, Standard and Ramp
  • 1515 mW/cm2 on Standard mode and 1720 mW/cm2 on Boost mode
  • 12.1mm Curing Area
  • Decreased Shrinkage
  • Up to 8.5mm depth of cure

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