OpulFACE 3D Facial Scanner




Open technology and file format (.ply, .obj, .stl, .step)

  • Easy import into most any CAD software

  • (Color texture via .ply and .obj file extension / .stl does not support color texture)

Easy bite transfers into your CAD software

  • Most traditional methods (e.g. wax bite rims, facebow, check bites, tongue depressor markings, pictures) of transferring the patient’s information (such as VDO, bite, midline, cant, anatomical proportions) into the CAD software are lacking precision, information, are limiting, time-consuming, involve shipping of parts and may feel antiquated or outdated to your Patients and Partners

  • Streamline your workflow and save time and money with a fast and accurate method of capturing all relevant patient information in just minutes, then transfer your DIGITAL information set instantly via LAN or internet to your partner(s)

  • High accuracy of 0.04mm ensures accurate and predictable results

  • Minimize time spent writing RX or messages, or wasting time following up on phone calls by sending the patient digitized to your partners

  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes and redos and keep the number of try-ins at a minimum when designing appliances right in the patient’s face instead of just on a computer screen with a grid view

The perfect match and missing link for:

  • All-on-X cases

  • Aesthetic anterior Veneer or crown and bridge cases

  • (Locator / High-End-) Dentures

  • Photogrammetry

  • intra-oral scanners

  • Smile Design (Exocad Beta available in Rijeka today!)


Dimensions 10 × 15 × 23 cm

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