MST Visco-Tips™



Reduce dental product material waste by an impressive 87% with the MST Visco-Tip™ – a simple yet highly effective solution. This innovative tip minimizes internal volume, drastically reducing waste and ensuring you get the most value out of expensive materials like bioceramic sealers. With its unique, flexible design, the MST Visco-Tip™ enhances the flow and precise placement of viscous materials. Plus, its rotatable and bendable shoulder allows for optimal positioning and prevents clogs. Say goodbye to wasted resources; choose the MST Visco-Tip™ to make the most of what you’ve paid for, unlike conventional tips that trap significant amounts of material inside the hub.

We now offer two different variations to help meet your needs, but each has the same benefits as all MST tips!

MST Visco-Tips™ Polymer
The MST Visco-Tip™ is a bendable, flexible 25ga tip that can be used as an endo sealer or delivery tip for other materials, and improves the flow and placement of viscous materials such as Bioceramic sealers and Calcium Hydroxide.

  • Extremely flexible, 25ga polymer delivery tip
  • Improves flow and delivery of materials in complex root canal curvatures
  • Easily trimmable to shorter lengths
  • Rotatable and bendable shoulder for optimum positioning

NEW! MST Visco-Tip™ Stainless Steel
MST Visco-Tip™ Stainless Steel is an annealed, 25ga stainless steel tip that is easily bendable to allow navigation within complex canal structures. It can be used to improve the flow of viscous materials such as Bioceramic sealers and Calcium Hydroxide. This minimal waste tip, featuring Material Saving Technology (MST), is ideal for costly materials.

  • Annealed, 25ga Stainless Steel Tip that is easily bendable
  • Stainless Steel provides better tactile feedback during canal navigation
  • Extra thin wall cannula provides the same flow characteristics as the original polymer MST Visco-Tip™
  • Available in 17mm and 22mm working lengths




17mm, 22mm

Pack Size

20/CUP, 50/CUP


Polymer, Stainless Steel

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