lay:art tropic Mixing Tray



  • 2 sizes
Capillary action moistens the ceramic mixture homogeneously over the entire surface, tray includes two additional, glazed wells.
Scope of delivery:
lay:art tropic mixing tray, marking pen, labeling foil


  • Ideally moistened ceramic due to the capillary action of the tray material.
  • Practical handling with the glazed wells for stains and mixing liquids.


s Description:

Tray dimensions: 159 x 4 x 90 mm (6.26 x 0.16 x 3.55″) Housing size: 211 x 28 x 147 mm (8.31 x 1.10 x 5.79″)

xl Description:

Tray dimensions: 220 x 4 x 120 mm (8.67 x 0.16 x 4.73″) Housing size: 291 x 36 x 223 mm (11.47 x 1.42 x 8.79″)







Small, X-Large

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