Lay:art Evo Fine Handle


1 piece, without interchangeable tip


  • Remarkable durability due to innovative bionic hair.
  • Optimum moisture management thanks to the special molecular structure of the fibers.
  • Ideal handling of ceramic masses during layering due to the fineness, elasticity, and stability of the brush tip.
  • Refills in different sizes enable simple, cost-effective replacement of the brush tip. Also compatible with brush systems supplied by other manufacturers.



lay:art evo is a state-of-the-art premium brush with bionic hair. Thanks to the chemical composition of the newly developed fibers and their specific processing, the brush bristles can absorb moisture and replicate the flame shape that is typical of high-end brushes. Together, both of these aspects demonstrate the characteristic moisture management, which also distinguishes natural bristle brushes. As a result, lay:art evo impresses with incredible dental product detail and pragmatic functionality.

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