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Lab Analog by NT-Trading


For the implant position on the technical model

Stainless Steel



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Available Series:

BEG-Series: BEGO Implant Systems® / Semados® S, RS-RX, RI-Line

BIO-Series: BioHorizons® / internal

BRE-Series: Bredent Medical® / Sky®

CAM-Series: Altatec® / Camlog®

COL-Series: Altatec® / Conelog®

E-Series: Nobel Biocare™ / Replace Select®

F-Series: Nobel Biocare™ / Nobel Active™

H-Series: Biomet 3i® / Certain®


I-Series: Biomet 3i® / Osseotite® External Hex®

K-Series: Nobel Biocare™ / Brånemark®

L-Series: Straumann / Bone Level®


MEX-Series: Medentis Medical® / ICX®

MIC-Series: MIC® / C1®

MIS-Series:MIS® / SEVEN®

N-Series: Straumann / SynOcta®

NEO-Series: NEOSS Implant System® / NEOSS™

R-Series:Zimmer Dental / Tapered Screw-Vent®

S-Series:DENTSPLY Implants® / Astra Tech Implant System OsseoSpeed® TX

SEV-Series: DENTSPLY Implants® / Astra Tech Implant System™EV

T-Series: DENTSPLY Implants® / Xive®

THO-Series: Thommen Medical® / SPI®

UPR-Series:Sweden & Martina Implantology™ / Premium Kohno®

UTG-Series: Sweden & Martina Implantology™ / Premium TG®

Y-Series: DENTSPLY Implants® / Ankylos


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 8.255 × 1.27 × 13.97 cm

Bio Series/Internal/Biohorizons, E-Series: Nobel Biocare™ / Replace Select®, F-Series: Nobel Biocare™ / Nobel Active™, H-Series: Biomet 3i® / Certain®, HIO-Series: HIOSSEN® / OSSTEM TS®, I-Series: Biomet 3i® / Osseotite® External Hex®, K-Series: Nobel Biocare™ / Brånemark®, L-Series: Straumann / Bone Level®, MEG-Series:MegaGen, MEX-Series: Medentis Medical® / ICX®, MIC-Series: MIC® / C1®, MIS-Series:MIS® / SEVEN®, N-Series: Straumann / SynOcta®, NEO-Series: NEOSS Implant System® / NEOSS™, R-Series:Zimmer Dental / Tapered Screw-Vent®, S-Series:DENTSPLY Implants® / Astra Tech Implant System OsseoSpeed® TX, SEV-Series: DENTSPLY Implants® / Astra Tech Implant System™EV, T-Series: DENTSPLY Implants® / Xive®, THO-Series: Thommen Medical® / SPI®, Y-Series: DENTSPLY Implants® / Ankylos


3,0mm, 3,3mm NC, 3,4mm, 3,5-5,5mm, 3,5/4,0 mm, 3,5mm, 3,5mm NN, 3,5mm NP, 3,6mm, 3,8/4,3mm-GH0,8mm, 3,8/4,3mm-GH2,0mm, 3,8mm, 3.0mm, 4,0-6,0mm, 4,1-4,8mm RC, 4,1mm, 4,2mm, 4,3/5,0mm, 4,3mm, 4,3mm RP, 4,5/5,0 mm, 4,5mm, 4,8mm, 4,8mm RN, 4.3/5.0 mm RP, 5,0mm WP, 5,0mm-GH0,8mm, 5,0mm-GH2,0mm, 5,1mm, 5,4mm, 5,5mm, 5,7mm, 6,5mm WN

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