IMPACT AIR 45 Highspeed Handpiece (4 Hole)



• (1) IMPACT AIR 45® #403 Highspeed 4 Hole Handpiece
• (1) Head Cap Wrench

The IMPACT AIR 45® has a unique 45° angled head, allowing for maximum access and visibility. It is available with fiberoptics, is fully autoclavable, has an office-replaceable turbine (minimizing downtime) and uses standard friction grip burs (featuring a push-button bur release).

The IMPACT AIR 45® is also designed for use in periodontal and endodontic procedures, including Apicoectomy (root canal drainage), Osteoplasty (bony contouring), Odontoplasty and Root Resection.

A water or saline line inside the handpiece handle directs a pure water jet (not a mist) directly onto the cutting area. Air is exhausted through the back of the handpiece.

  • Fits A.D.A. Standard Coupling Types
  • I.S.O. Type B (4 hole or 5 hole fiberoptic)
  • Fits our 4 hole, 5 hole, or 6 pin coupler or an equivalent KaVo MULTIflex® style coupler
  • Compatible with friction grip shank burs (.0627″ – .0630″ diameter shank)
  • Supply Requirements: Dry filtered air or nitrogen
  • Operating Pressure: 32psi – 40psi
  • Speed: 400,000-500,000 rpm
  • Chuck type: Mid-spindle, tooth-jawed grip

* For all fiberoptic handpieces, the use of either a 5 Hole or 6 Pin connection is required. Any time a 6 pin connection is to be used with a fiberoptic handpiece, Ensure that a 6 pin universal adapter is being used (#625). For the 407 QD handpiece, a QD coupler is required. If a 5 hole connection is used, ensure that a 5 Hole coupler is used (#629). If the office has a 6 pin connection, either a #627 6 pin coupler or the combination of #625 6 pin adapter and #629 5 Hole coupler may be used.

Do not attempt to force a handpiece onto a connector that does not have the correct connection style.



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