Elasti-Vac™ Endodontic Evacuation Tips



• 50/cup

The Elasti-Vac™ Tip is a narrow, flexible tip that easily navigates curved canals. Intended for endodontic evacuation, though not limited to, this luer lock tip is easily attached to a luer HVE adapter. This allows for connection to high or low speed suction valves.

Micro-evacuation allows for quick and easy removal of moisture from endodontic canal systems, minimizing the need for paper points. Designed in a translucent material, the tip allows for visualization of the suction path.

Two Styles to Choose From:

  • Blue Straight Tip
  • New! Clear Pre-Bent Tip


  • Tip diameter: 0.25mm ID, 0.52mm OD (equivalent to a 25ga)
  • Working length: 21mm

Available in packages of 50 tips.



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