DWX-W Wet Milling Maintenance Kit



DGSHAPE wants to make sure your device is operating at top performance.

The following steps will guide you through the necessary steps to get your DWX-42W

  • Filter Maintenance

If the device has not been in use, we recommend replacing the filters.

  • Coolant Tank

Please clean the coolant tank and refill it with distilled water and corresponding additives, per proportions dictated on page 61 of the User’s Manual

  • Internal Cleaning

Perform a complete cleaning of the tools, calibration pin and the internal cavity and components of the mill

  • Collet Maintenance

Perform a collet inspection and maintenance

  • Spindle Run-In

Finally, perform a Spindle Run-In (long)


Items Included in the Kit:

  • ZCH-250D (Chelating Agent)
  • ZAW-1000D (Coolant Additive)
  • ZF2-CLD2 (GEN II Coolant Tank Filter, 2-pk)
  • ZF2-CLDC (End-Caps for GEN II Filters, 2-pk)
  • 1000013791 (Grease, Collet)



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