DWX-4 Spindle Replacement Kit



Spindle Replacement Kit for DWX-4, 51D, 52D, 52DC, 52DCi. The spindle assembly comes assembled with a collet part number ZC-4D. Please carefully follow the detail instructions on how to install spindle in order to ensure proper functionality.
This machine is a precision device. Carry out daily care and maintenance.
Carefully clean away cutting waste. Operating the machine with cutting waste present may cause a malfunction.
Never install the machine in an environment where silicone substances (oil, grease, sprays, etc.) are present. Doing so may cause poor switch contact or ionizer damage.

Items included:

  • 1 spindle unit
  • 1 long belt – 170 mm (SKU# ZSB-170)
  • 1 short belt – 140 mm (SKU# ZSB-140)

NOTE: There are two (2) types of belts included.  Use the long belt (ZSB-170) for the DWX-51D, DWX-52D, DWX-52DC, DWX-52DCi.



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