Dripless Syringe 6cc Tipped




“Accidental spillage of sodium hypochlorite is probably the most common accident to occur during root canal irrigation. Even spillage of minute quantities of this agent on clothing will lead to rapid, irreparable bleaching”*

Vista Apex, the leader in endodontic irrigation, introduces the world’s only Dripless Syringe. These patent pending syringes feature anti-drip technology, greatly reducing the risk of bleach stains, damage to skin, eyes and oral mucosa, and cost no more than a standard irrigating syringe!

  • Features a unique color coded plunger to quickly identify NaOCl
  • Intended for short term storage of NaOCl

*Br Dent J. 2007 May 12;202(9):555-9. Review: the use of sodium hypochlorite in endodontics, potential complications and their management. Spencer HR1, Ike V, Brennan PA.



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