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ceraMotion® One Touch Paste


ceraMotion® One Touch is the first ceramic in paste. The 2D and 3D pastes
have been specially developed for the micro-layering technique of all-ceramic monolithic restorations made of lithium
disilicate and zirconium oxide.

3 g

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Glaze material in paste form.
Particularly suitable for monolithic restorations made of zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate.
can be applied precisely

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2D A, 2D B, 2D blue, 2D Body L, 2D Body orange, 2D Body R, 2D Body R+, 2D C, 2D D, 2D grey, 2D honey, 2D Incisal I2, 2D Incisal I3, 2D violet, 2D white, 3D Dentin bleach, 3D Dentin dark, 3D Dentin light, 3D Dentin medium, 3D Gingival 1, 3D Gingival 2, 3D Gingival 3, 3D Gingival 4, 3D Gingival Modifier, 3D Gingival transparent, 3D Gingival white, 3D I2, 3D I3, 3D Incisal opal bright, 3D lumin, 3D neutral, 3D opal blue, 3D opal grey, 3D opal honey, 3D transparent, ceraMotion® Zr Paste Glaze PGL

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