Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer


Warehouse Spring Cleaning Sale! Take 25% off the following shades and sizes while supplies last! 

  • 0-B1 98/20
  • B2-B3 98/14
  • B2-B3 98/16
  • B2-B3 98/20
  • C1-C2 98/16
  • C3-C4 98/20
  • D2-D3 98/16
  • D3-D4 98/14
  • D3-D4 98/20





Zolid FX Multilayer is a polychromatic, super high translucent zirconia with integrated shade and translucency gradient. Smooth shade transitions simulate tooth enamel, dentin and cervical shades in a naturally fluent progression without disruptive shade edges.


Weight N/A
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 7.5 cm

98 X 14, 98 X 16, 98 X 20, Block B/40, Block C/20


0/A1, 0/B1, A2/A3, A3.5/A4, B2/B3, B3/B4, C1/C2, C3/C4, D2/D3, D3/D4


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