CanalClean™ CA



4 Kits/Box
Each Kit includes:
• (1) 12cc Chlor-XTRA™ (6% NaOCl)
• (1) 6cc SmearOFF™ 2-in-1
• (2) 30ga Appli-Vac™ side-vented irrigating tips
• (1) Micro Aspirator with tip

Complete Endodontic Irrigation

Save time, save money. Through research and testing, Vista Apex has developed it’s CanalClean™ Irrigation Kits to provide EXACTLY what Endodontists need for improved outcomes in cleansing root canals.

  • Offers everything needed for optimal canal cleanliness, in a convenient 2 solution kit.
  • Saves you time, eliminating the need for EDTA, CHX, and a rinsing agent!
  • Chlor-XTRA™ and SmearOFF™ are 100% compatible and WILL NOT form a precipitate when mixed, making irrigation simple & predictable.

The kits are convenient and easy-to-use, and COST NO MORE than buying individual components.

4 Kits/box



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