Aidite Infinity 4 Wireless Intraoral Scanner


lnfinity 4 is a wireless intraoral scanner using wifi technology. The average scanning accuracy of the whole dental arch is as low as 20 um, which is far beyond the accuracy requirements and effectively reduces the clinical use requirements of users’ scanning technique


Makes the scanning easier

Two size scan head

Infinity 4 is equipped with 2 sizes of scanning heads to meet the scanning requirements of various intraoral environments.

Double sided button

There is a scanning start and stop button on the front and back of the fuselage. Reversing the handle can switch between upper and lower dental arch scanning without changing button gestures or unplugging and plugging in the scanning head.

Long battery life

Equipped with a 3500mAh battery, it can scan continuously for 2 hours to meet all-day work needs.

Scan accurately

Using advanced image sensors combined with proprietary image processing technology, the average accuracy of the whole dental arch is as low as 20um, which fully meets the accuracy requirements of clinical use and effectively reduces the manipulation requirements of the operator.

Lossless image compression

The Infinity 4 wireless scanner captures images in their original format, allowing every detail to be perfectly preserved in the process

No calibration

With a precision assembly process and highly integrated devices, Infinity4 wireless scanners achieve lifetime calibration-free, time-tested and consistent performance, enabling users to completely eliminate expensive calibration tools and cumbersome calibration procedures.

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