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Easy! You can call 818-470-9321, email or submit your information here (link). After a brief conversation with one of our Digital Integration Specialists we will send you a digital consultation based on your needs.

The first step is to speak with one of our Digital Integration Specialists who will propose the best equipment based on your needs. The second step is to agree on the equipment configuration and sign the equipment agreement via Docusign. The third step is to begin the Finance process with a quick 3 minute phone call. Finally, you pick your finance terms and sign the finance paperwork via Docusign with our finance department. The whole process can take as little as half of a day.

Yes we do! The application process takes about 3 minutes with our Finance Manager via a phone call. We can approve all credit types, new businesses and more. All of our documents are signed via Docusign and we have many different payment terms to choose from.

We have several different term options. Which include a payment deferral option so you don’t make your first payment until 6 months after signing the agreement. For equipment paid cash or we ask for you to pay prior to scheduling of installation and training.

Depending on availability your equipment will ship between 2-7 weeks after the purchasing process has been completed. In rare circumstances the delivery may be delayed due to international shipping issues.

Each piece of equipment has different installation requirements. However, no installation will require a significant investment or upgrade on your building. All coolant systems are self contained and do not need external water, all milling machines require air but the requirement is not significant, all equipment requires internet connection and all equipment requires 110v electricity except the Therm III and Therm S Zirconia Furnaces which require 220v connection. Prior to installation

You should expect to be proficient with the equipment you purchased. Depending on the progress of your installation advanced topics may be covered. After installation ODS will be available to help you and provide support.

Digital Dentistry is more advanced than ever. This means that it is easier and more intuitive for the user. We advise that you begin with standard crowns, onlays and bridges and then move towards the more advanced aspects of digital dentistry.  It is really up to you though and if you want to start off with Implant, Dentures and All of Xs we will help guide you through the process. In short, with a little patience and the right training, anyone can learn CAD CAM.

Our experience working with Dental Offices and Laboratories has shown us that often the only time you have available to discuss your equipment or get questions answered is before or after your busy day. To remedy this we have created a network of Dental Technology Specialists that are standing by ready to take your call at any time. We use team viewer and video calls so that we can be with you in real time.

Working with different types of equipment has given us a lot of insight as to what is important to us and our customers. Our main criteria are quality, openness, future capabilities, support and efficiency. We want you to be happy with your equipment for years to come.

Yes we do but it depends on your current needs. To receive a consultation via phone please call 855-CAD-CAM1 or email us and let us know what you are currently using, the types of restorations being produced, your experience and the amount of restorations you do per month.

The key to a product being open is if it can produce and receive an STL. If your current scanner, software, mill can do this then you are free to mix and match your scanners and software.

You can send it by saving your file as an STL. and then loading it into your CAM Software.

Yes you can. You will need to save your image as an STL. go to to download your image from the cloud as an STL.

Yes you can. To do so you will need to save your file as an STL. and import into the Ceramill Software.

Depending on your software and equipment we can help you with your support and training. To find out please call 855-CAD-CAM1 and speak to one of our specialists.

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