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How do I receive a free Digital CAD/CAM Consultation from ODS?

Easy! You can call 855-CAD-CAM1, email info@opulentcadcam.com or submit your information here (link). After a brief conversation with one of our Digital Integration Specialists we will send you a digital consultation based on your needs.

What are the steps of purchasing a complete milling system?

Do you do financing for equipment purchases?

When do I make my first payment?

How soon will I receive my equipment after it has been purchased?

What are the installation requirements?

What can I expect during my installation and training?

I’ve never used CAD CAM before. Will there be a large learning curve?

How is ODS able to provide 24/7 service and support?

How does ODS choose which companies they work with?

Do you recommend a certain workflow for my Digital set up?

How do I know if my scanner/design software/milling unit will work with your products?

I use 3 Shape Software. Can I send my design to a Ceramill Milling Unit?

I have an iTero Scanner. Can I connect it to a Cermill Milling Unit?

I have a 3 Shape Scanner. Can I connect it to a Ceramill Milling Unit?

I purchased my equipment through a different distributor. Can I go through ODS for my training and support?

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