Distribution Services


We are independent and free from the influence of product manufacturers. This allows us to give an objective point of view when recommending a CAD/CAM system. 

CAD/CAM Focused

All we do is CAD/CAM! We do not sell, train or support for anything but CAD/CAM.


ODS is connected with all major CAD/CAM manufactures and distribution companies. This ensures that we will connect you with the best possible fit for your business.

Network of CAD/CAM Experts

We are a network of CAD/CAM experts with a vast amount of experience and knowledge. If you have a problem, we have seen it before!

Over 400 CAD/CAM Systems Placed

Experienced  and successful in many different settings

Clinical and Laboratory Experience

Equal experience in the Clinical and Laboratory experience. We have integrated CAD/CAM systems in all dental atmospheres successfully. From One-Man dental labs to Large Group Dental Practices.

Training & Support

Our Installation Technicians routinely travel to all 50 states and Canada to serve our new and existing customers.

Always Available

Contact us anytime, including weekends, holidays and evenings. We are always available.

Ongoing Education

Ongoing education on a vast amount of CAD/CAM topics. Just ask us, we will customize for you.